The world of entrepreneurs and start-ups moves at a fast pace and is highly dependent on innovation, creativity and
enthusiasm. Trusted connections are crucial at all stages of the process in order to assist with decisions along the way in the

McKercher LLP provides a bundle of legal services to entrepreneurs in a format that is easy to understand, is
comprehensive and consistently priced. We have bundled the basic services required to get you moving in the right
direction, to protect your product or service at the beginning of the process and work with you towards success in the future.

We understand that the required services and advice for entrepreneurs depends on changing needs, industry
perspectives and the stage the business is in so we will work with you to provide you with additional services if required
down the road.

Our Entrepreneur Group consists of lawyers in both Saskatoon and Regina providing advice backed by over 90 years of legal services in Saskatchewan.

Click here for a listing of lawyers providing legal services in this group.


INITIAL STRATEGIC MEETING:  Initial consult meeting on business structure, financing, employment, intellectual property and other legal matters.

BUSINESS ORGANIZATION:  All the documents to establish and organize the right business structure for you, be it a partnership, corporation or other legal structure.

RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT:  Consideration of all the relationships in your business:  suppliers, customers, distributors, employees or those licensing or franchising intellectual property.  Depending what your individual needs are we can review or provide you with the relationship agreements applicable to your business which fully consider and protect your interests (such as shareholders’ agreements, partnership agreements, or joint venture agreements).

FUTURE STRATEGIC MEETINGS:  For the first 6 months, a one-hour meeting each month to cover legal matters of importance to your business as it emerges and changes.

These services, which will be offered at a fixed fee, are designed to provide you with the required legal documents and advice in your start up phase, when you maybe most require.  As your business grows, and your legal needs expand and change, you will have the advantage of our full complement of services if required.